Code and software development review

A comprehensive review of the quality of your project's code and development process for the equivalent of hiring a senior developer for two months.

€11,000 (excluding 21% VAT)

What do you get?

A detailed report with all results of the quality assessment for each topic plus two calls with your team to explain the results of the assessment and how to implement the suggestions for improvement.

In my assessment, I take care to highlight all the things that are good or are working well in your project and not to focus only on the things which do not score very well. Knowing what you are doing well is just as valuable as knowing what you aren't doing well!

Expect the report to be available about three weeks from the moment that you have arranged full access for me to your project.

Review topics

As part of this comprehensive review, I look at various topics that can be classified into categories: code quality and project management. The following table is a non-exhaustive list of review topics in these two categories.

List of topics which are part of the review split into two categories.
Code quality Project management
Structure and organization Team roles
Use of functions Code Versioning System
Consistency in style Issue tracker
Unit tests Dependency management
Error handling Versioning of releases
Assertions Branching strategy
Documentation Communication
Interfaces [1] Templates
Secrets management Code reviews

Quality assessment

The assessment of the quality of software or a management system is generally a very subjective exercise. The scale I use is no exception to this, but it helps to structure the assessment and to compare how you are doing across the various topics listed above. The scale includes four scores without a middle (or neutral) score. My assessment will always include suggestions to score 'good' and suggestions to score 'excellent' as I believe that these are the levels of quality you should always be aiming for.

Quality assessment scale used in the review.
Score Code quality Project management Room for improvement
Poor Code quality is low, because it violates most principles of good code quality and maintainability. No or very few best practices for software development are applied. Much room for improvement
Average Code quality is not too low, but it is lacking in one or more principles of good code quality, for example because there are no unit tests or (parts of) the documentation is missing. At least some industry best practices in software development are applied, but maybe only a few or only halfheartedly. Quite a lot of room for improvement.
Good Code quality is better than average, but it may still suffer from inconsistent use of coding style, have incomplete test coverage, and have incomplete documentation, etc. There is a more-than-average attempt to apply best practices. Some best practices are applied either wholly or partially. Some room for improvement.
Excellent There is very little that can be done to improve the quality of the code: it scores well in all principles of good maintainability. Most if not all industry best practices in software development are followed and procedures are well documented. Little to no room for improvement.

What don't you get?

There are a few things which are out of the scope of this service. These are:

  1. A line for line review of your source code.
  2. Assessment of the correctness of the results of you model. See this service option if this is what you need.
  3. Review of source code not written in R or of database schema's.

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[1]Interfaces with other systems (e.g. a database) or other languages (e.g. C++ or Java).


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