Effective use of the R programming language in the workplace

Our focus


Trust your results - Minimize your risk of calculation errors and demonstrate compliance to your regulator. Whether you are making investment decisions, calculating capital requirements, or pricing insurance products, you want to have confidence in your results and to be able to generate proof of compliance with (inter)national regulations.

We can put together and implement a combined strategy of standards, assertions in code, logging, user testing, and code reviews to create a solid foundation of quality and trust.


Reproduce your results - Need to know which version of your model generated those results? Set up your project to ensure that you can trace back the exact versions of your code and calculation environment and to be able to reproduce the results at all times, now and in the future.

We can design templates for model environments or use containers and virtual environments to achieve full accountability.


Make your software sustainable - What happens when your key programmer or analyst leaves the company? How long does it take to fix bugs or to implement new features? Is the documentation any good? If you're worried about these things, then the maintainability of your models is at risk and you may miss important opportunities.

We can build up a suite of unit tests, improve and expand documentation, or even refactor your code to ease the maintenance and the development of your models.


Painless software development - Software is built using software and most software development is not done alone. You therefore need tools that help you develop your models in R, to be able to collaborate with a team of developers, and to plan and track the work that needs to be done.

We can help you select and configure the right software tools (think of IDE's, source code repositories, and issue trackers) for your company to reduce friction while developing and maintaining your models. We also design protocols and templates to bring structure to your development process and configure continuous integration pipelines to automatically test, release, publish, and deploy your models.

Our approach

Human-centered - All of the things we focus on are quite technical. That's the nature of software development. However, at the centre of it all are your people.

People need to understand business requirements, write source code and documentation, present and visualize results, and perform code reviews, but foremost they must collaborate, learn new skills, and adapt to new procedures and technologies.

Our promise

100% satisfaction - That's right: if you are not happy, you get your money back in full and that's our promise to you. We are confident that we can deliver significant value to your organization.

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Hi! My name is Maarten-Jan Kallen-Hofman. I have been using the R programming language for so long and in so many different contexts, including strongly regulated businesses, that this has become a major expertise of mine. I founded R at Work B.V., a limited liability company based in The Netherlands, to be able to deliver this expertise to you.

So what got me into R? I am a mathematical engineer with a background in probability theory and operations research. My primary interest is in risk and uncertainty modeling, which involves the statistical analysis of small and large amounts of data and the design and implementation of predictive models for decision support.