Assessment of implementation correctness

An assessment of the correctness of the output of your model implementation based on what the requirements for the model are.

€5,000 (excluding 21% VAT)

What do you get?

An assessment of whether the implementation of your model matches its specification. In other words: does the code do what it is expected to do and is the code impervious to unexpected input?

The outcome of the assessment is one of the following three:

  1. There is no indication that the model implementation produces (or may produce) results which violate the model specification.
  2. There is at least one case in which the model produces (or may produce) results which violate the model specification.
  3. It is not possible to assess the correctness of the model implementation. For example, because it is too difficult to generate results with the model implementation or because the model specification is incomplete, ambiguous, or too vague.

How do I check the model implementation?

  • I check existing test cases in the model implementation. Do these test cases provide adequate coverage of the model implementation?
  • I create new test cases from the model specification and add these to the model implementation.
  • I add test cases with 'unexpected' inputs. These may be missing values, empty tables, negative probabilities, etcetera. Does the model implementation catch these edge cases correctly?

Besides the new test cases for your model implementation, I also provide you with a report of the assessment and its outcome. If it was not possible to conclude if the model implementation is correct or not, then the report will include suggestions on how to improve either the source code or the documentation and model specification in order to make an assessment possible.

What don't you get?

I do not include an exact description of the source of the discrepancy between the model implementation and its specification, unless it is extremely obvious. If I deem the implementation to be incorrect, then it is up to you and your team to identify the source of the error and to rectify it.

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